Additional services

We have reliable partners for:

  • surface treatment
  • heat treatment
  • welding
  • powder coating


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Retko d.o.o.

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tel: +386 2 8218 140

+386 2 8218 141


iso 9001


Company Retko has acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification

Turned & milled parts

We produce for our customers various turning and milling parts for industries like: Construction, machinery and equipment, food industry,..

spojke matice

Our products are :

The listed products are mostly made from bar material or forgings. We deliver the manufactured parts and components from virtually every machinable materials (steel, stainless steels, brass, bronze, aluminum, plastics, ..).

Productivity & Quality

We produce those parts in our production facility on highly productive CNC machines. For large batches, we use robots for loading and unloading the machine. In the robot cell we can also inscribe the product with the help of an engraving machine.

graviranje tipalo

We also have the opportunity to measure the product on our machining center. This eliminates the time consuming parts measuring on other locations. We can also automatically export the measured data in the desired protokol.